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Utahns will receive excellent public and individual healthcare services. UMA physicians will practice in a collegial environment without undue regulatory and administrative restrictions and will receive appropriate remuneration.
  •         ACO for UMA MembersUMA's Accountable Care Organization will help independent physician practices
    thrive in our changing healthcare environment.
  •     Defending QualityUMA lobbying and regulatory monitoring helps Utah physicians deliver high quality care without undue interference
  •     Benefits That MatterUMA Membership Benefits help you make the most of your career while saving you money

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Controlled Substances Course Info

October 2015

Collegium Aesculapium Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, CA (TBD)

2-3 45th Annual Western Intermountain Neurological Organization Conference, Salt Lake City, UUCME (8.0)

3 UMIA Risk Management Education, Ketchum ID, UMIA (3.0)

7-9 Critical Issues Facing Children & Adolescents, Salt Lake City, ESI (20.5)

8-10 Utah Physician Leadership Development Program, Sandy, UMAF (20.0)

9 3rd Annual Intermountain Stroke Conference, Salt Lake City, IHC (4.5)

10 Updates in Science and Practice, Salt Lake City, UUCME (4.0)

Required Course for License Renewal


In Utah, legislation was passed that requires health care providers licensed to prescribe controlled substances to complete 3.5 hours of Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) approved continuing education on Schedule II and III controlled substances that are applicable to opioid narcotics, hypnotic depressants, and psychostimulants. (Utah Code Section 58-37-6.5) This required education is intended to reduce the negative effects of controlled substances in Utah.

The UMA Foundation course, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES: EDUCATION FOR THE PRESCRIBER, is approved by DOPL and available online. You may take the course in one sitting or incrementally and at your convenience from work, home, or any location with internet access. Click here to get instructions on how to begin the registration process or to re-access the course.

Note: In addition to this course, DOPL requires controlled substance prescribers to complete the thirty-minute Controlled Substance Database (CSD) tutorial and examination. This is the same DOPL course that you have already been taking every two years for licensure renewal.

Hydrocodone Combo Products Now Schedule II Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently published a final rule (PDF) in the Federal Register rescheduling hydrocodone combination products to Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). The DEA’s rationale for the move is to combat prescription drug abuse. As these drugs were previously in Schedule III, this change has dramatically increased the restrictions on prescribing and dispensing practices for hydrocodone combination products.  The rule went into effect October 6, 2014. UMA members should identify patients being treated with hydrocodone combination products and change prescribing practices to conform to the drugs’ more restrictive Schedule II requirements.

This change will affect prescription refills as follows:

  • Before October 6, 2014: Hydrocodone combination prescriptions written or dispensed may be refilled in accordance with the current law. However, all refills on such prescriptions must be dispensed before April 8, 2015 (ie, 6 months after the new schedule status goes into effect).
  • On or after October 6, 2014: Hydrocodone combination prescriptions may not authorize any refills. A new prescription must be written by the prescriber if the patient requires continued therapy.

2015 UMA Physicians of Utah Directory Available

The 2015 Physicians of Utah Directory has been published and sent to all members who have an email address on file. The directory is again available in an electronic format, accessable either on the UMA website to members, and as a PDF file available for sale to the public. Members are able to access the file for free by logging in to the website and clicking the "Physician Referral Directory" link under the Membership tab. Each UMA member is granted a single concurrent user license to use the Directory file. Members who wish to share the file with other users (office staff, etc.) can purchase additional licenses for 1/2 the regular price. Non-members can purchase a license for the Directory for $70/license.

Full Dues Discount for Choosing Auto Renew

UMA Full Members who do not qualify for any other discount are eligible to save 7.5 percent off their annual UMA dues if they will sign up for Automatic Dues Renewal via an automatic withdrawal from either a checking or savings account. The withdrawal can be set up to occur in either December or January of each year. Those who already qualify for discounted dues can also sign up for auto renewal, but no additional discount is available.

No more invoices, no more nagging, no more worry. Save a tree and sign up for automatic renewal today.

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Need Help with HIPAA Privacy & Security Regs?

UMA has compiled a few local resources (from a member survey) that are available to assist members in complying with the latest HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations:

*(Recommended by one or more survey respondents. UMA has not vetted these sources)

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