Who We Are

The Utah Medical Association (UMA) was established in 1895 as both a means of sharing and promoting scientific advancements in medicine and allowing social interaction among colleagues. Over the decades since its inception, UMA has evolved into the state's foremost advocacy arm for the profession, protecting and enhancing the environment in which medicine is practiced in Utah, while providing membership benefits to assist in the day to day practice of the profession.

Better Health, Better Life for Utahns

The past decade has seen greater need and emphasis on collective representation and advocacy for our members. The traditional roles of the Association as a promoter of public health and scientific advancement have been merged with the growing need for legislative/regulatory assistance, practical financial, business or practice management advice and products, and cogent communications about these issues.

The Utah Medical Association is a relevant resource for all physicians who sometimes battle a creeping dissatisfaction with our chosen profession due to the unrelenting hassles of burgeoning regulations and diminishing financial rewards. The Association helps us recognize the great privilege it is to be a doctor and remember the reasons we continue the fight. The Association is focused on our success and happiness, knowing that such will come when we can practice our profession with confidence in the care we give and with the respect we earn by performing it well. The Association recognizes and reflects that medicine is still a great way to make a living, both individually and collectively.


Medical Ethics

Economic Code of Medical Ethics for Utah Physicians

UMA & AMA: Not the Same

Last Reviewed July 11, 2023