UMPAC - Helping Physician-Friendly Candidates Succeed

UMPAC, UMA's Political Action Committee, assists political candidates get elected by contributing funds to their campaigns. We solicit these funds from our members via the annual dues invoice, fund-raising activities such as the annual golf tournament, and the annual House of Delegates meeting.

UMPAC is party-neutral, supporting candidates from any party, so long as the candidate is friendly to physicians' issues and concerns. A committee of physician members decides which candidates will receive contributions from the UMPAC war chest.

  Jim Fowler, MD, UMPAC Chair
  says, "
Click Here to Pay Your UMPAC Dues"

 $100 - UMPAC Supporter  /  $250 - Silver Level  /  $500 - Gold Level  /  $750 - Platinum Level
  Just a $100 donation (or more) from each UMA member results in 
  significant political access and success with physician issues. 


Utah Medical Political Action Committee
Attn: Michelle McOmber
310 E. 4500 South, Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84107-4250

Staff Contact for Questions: Kelly Livingston, (801) 747-3500 x221 or email

Last Reviewed November 21, 2023